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Art lives in Latties Brook, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife, Flame and dog Charley.

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For Hire, Messenger of God Caught in the Line of Fire Concealed From Sight Hobos I Have Known More Hobo Stories Short Stories The Bag  of Money

The super-rich, commonly called the 1%, believe there is nothing money can’t buy.

Dot-com billionaire Keith Grant intends to put that belief to the ultimate test when he goes after the killer of his friend and business partner, Craig Flint. He tries to assist the police in any way he can, but soon realizes they are tied-up with rules and procedures that slow down the search rather than assist it.

At this point, he goes rogue. Anything that works becomes his credo.

Does justice prove to be one of those things beyond the ultimate reach of an unlimited supply of money? Not if Keith has his way.

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