George Wilson has disappeared from his farm in Raymond’s River,  a small community in rural Nova wife, Connie, is in a frantic state. Was George mugged, robbed and left for dead somewhere? That’s a possibility.

George didn’t believe in banks and always carried a wad of cash in his wallet.

Did he get drunk and put his truck into a ditch somewhere? Again, a possibility.

George and strong spirits were no strangers to each other.

Or did he pack his bags and head for the lure of the big bucks to be made in the oil fields of Alberta? Always a chance of that. George believed an infusion of cash would get his farm back on a more profitable footing.

Corporal Scott Bowen, with help from Detective-Sergeant  Jim McDonald must figure which of these events actually happened.

But wait. Is there a fourth option that no one has thought of yet?

Jump into this book to follow the twists and turns the investigation takes.

To purchase this book, either contact Art at  or go to your favourite bookstore, either online or brick and mortar. The brink and mortar people will order it for you and usually absorb the shipping costs.

Kindle version available from  Or print version from Amazon:  Click  here

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