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"In Texas, they think some men just deserve to die. That defense even stands up in court. Nothing lower than messing with another man’s wife. Breaks one of God’s fundamental rules." A disgruntled husband runs this explanation by his sheriff friend. Will it stand up? Karl doesn't care. He knows what he has to do.

Included with Cabin Fever is the short story,

God Works in Mysterious Ways.

This story explores Karl’s justification for his actions after he confesses his deeds to his religious mentor, Pastor Dave. Not one to miss a chance to increase the coffers of his church, Pastor Dave exploits Karl’s misdeeds to save sinners and allow them to buy their own salvation.

Read on to see if you agree that indeed God does work in mysterious ways.

Hobos became the face of the Great Depression for the people who lived on small family farms in the rural areas of our country. These farms were mostly self-sufficient.

The farmers practiced living locally long before it became the fad it is becoming today with things like the hundred mile challenge. They raised their own animals, cows, chickens, pigs; grew their own fruits and vegetables; and heated their homes with woods cut from their own woodlots. For many of them, helping others was the natural thing to do when less fortunate strangers came knocking of their door.

These short stories share the events that happened to one family in central Nova Scotia told through the eyes of writer's mother as she remembered and related them forty years later. The stories are presented as fiction, but each contains a kernel of truth as its central theme. These are stories I heard so often, that indeed these characters seem like Hobos I Have Known.

The following stories are fiction. I do have a grand daughter named Emily who inspired these stories while visiting one summer. But, there is no real Emily with super powers except in the minds of Grandparents everywhere.

If there were a young girl with super powers, it would be Emily. Just the name exudes power.

I invite you to sit back, suspend reality for a few moments and enter the life of an eight-year-old super hero: Super Emily.

You don’t have to be eight-years-old to take pleasure in a book about an eight-year-old.

    Parents, aunts, uncles, everyone, dig in and enjoy these adventures. If you and your Emily enjoy them at the same time —you reading to her, her reading to you —so much the better.

Start reading.

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